Certification Division

Carrie-Jo McGuffey, Division Director
Tel: 203-427-2605
Email: Carriejo.Mcguffey@ct.gov

Michael Francis, Field Program Consultant

Tel: 203-427-2621

  • Police Certification
  • Comparative Certification
  • Lateral Certification
  • Satellite Academies

David Silverio, Field Program Consultant

Tel: 203-427-2604
Email: david.silverio@ct.gov

  • Revocations of Certification
  • Satellite Academy Compliance
  • New Instructor Applications
  • Renewal Instructor Applications
  • Add-Area Instructor Applications

The Certification Division is responsible for the evaluation and recommendation of police officer certification, police academy accreditation, and law enforcement instructor certification. This unit audits officer compliance with statute and regulations regarding basic, review and recertification training. The Certification Division also assesses law enforcement unit compliance with all standards adopted by the council.