Comparative Certification

Please complete the following documentation for a comparative certification request:

  1. Letter from the Chief of Police in support of the waiver
  2. Entry Requirements for appointment POSTC-51 form
  3. Comparative Compliance Certification Request POSTC-60 form
  4. Comparative Certification Curriculum Review POSTC-60B form
  5. Supportive Training Documentation from previous Law Enforcement Agency to include:
  1. Basic Training dates and certificate of completion
  2. Basic Training curriculum to include subject/topic areas with hours for each area
  3. Basic Training curriculum total hours summary
  4. In-service training documentation (total hours)
  5. Training transcripts (if available)

For a Military comparative certification request please refer to General Notice 20-05 and General Notice 20-10 and provide necessary military documents only. A recent copy of the candidate’s ERB (Enlisted Record Brief) MUST be submitted (if applicable).

POSTC certification subcommittee reviews all request for POST Council approval.  The subcommittee meets seven (7) times per year to review all comparative request. 

All completed forms and supportive documentation must be sent to Certification Division with a deadline of the third (3rd) Thursday of the following months: