The Management Services Division is responsible for the central management and operations of the Office of the Treasurer including financial reporting, administrative, and support functions. The Division handles this by leading and supervising the strategic workflow of personnel and responsibilities within the following units:

The Business Services Unit provides full support to the entire agency and handles procurement (including P-Cards), capital assets, processing of agency RFP’s, contract custodian for agency contracts, payroll, records management, accounts payable and receivable, employee travel arrangements, timely delivery of all mail, employee parking, facilities management, and the agency customer service desk.

The Financial Services Unit evaluates and assists with the financial reporting of the divisions. Establishes and maintains budgets, agency financial reporting (including compiling annual reports), works in collaboration with Business Services, and serves as liaison to State auditors.

The Human Resources Unit is responsible for safeguarding professionalism within the workplace by recruiting the best talent to serve the State of Connecticut. Along with implementing work guidelines and policies for agency employees, HR fosters good employee relations and a safe work environment. The unit also evaluates and sets the structure of compensation and benefits, provides necessary training, employee engagement and career development, and compliance with all collective bargaining, and federal and state employment laws.

The Information Technology Unit creates, maintains, and updates office-wide IT systems and services supporting all divisions and personnel with the Office of the Treasurer. Enterprise security, computer training and disaster recovery services are also a priority of this unit. In a rapidly evolving global environment where data and communications is needed and processed quickly, the Office of the Treasurer is prepared to meet any challenge with exceptional data collection, information security, and customer relations management through the numerous channels the agency conducts business. _



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