Through Executive Order No. 38, Governor M. Jodi Rell established the State Post-Employment Benefits Commission to study, analyze and offer potential short and long term plans to Connecticut’s elected officials that will assist them in developing strategies for addressing the State of Connecticut’s significant post-employment liabilities associated with the State’s employee pension plans and its Other Post Employment Benefits (OPEB) programs.
The Governor has asked the Commission to, on or before July 1, 2010, deliver a report that: 
a.   Identifies the amount and extent of unfunded liabilities for pensions and other post-employment benefits;
b.   Compares and evaluates the advantages and disadvantages of various approaches for addressing unfunded pension liabilities and post-employment benefits; and
c.   Proposes a short and long term plan or plans for addressing unfunded pension liabilities and post-employment benefits.
List of Members   
Member Representing/Field
Michael J, Cicchetti, Chairman and Deputy Secretary of the Office of Policy and Management

State of Connecticut Office of Policy & Management

Thomas J. Woodruff, Ph.D., Director
Healthcare Policy & Benefit Services, Office of the Comptroller 

State of Connecticut, Office of the Comptroller

Christine Shaw J.D., M.B.A., Director of Government Relations, Office of the Treasurer

State of Connecticut, Office of the State Treasurer

Sal Luciano, Executive Director, Council 4, American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees

State Employees Bargaining Agent Coalition

Julie E. McNeal, CPA, Technical Activities Director, Connecticut Society of Certified

Public Accountants

Certified Public Accountants

Gregory M. Stump, Vice President. (Eastern Region), EFI-Actuaries

Actuary/Benefits Consultant

J. Paul Mansour, Head of Municipal Research, Conning

Business Community

Other Participants

Attorney Jamie Young, Governor’s Legal Office

Office of the Governor

Judge Harry Calmar

State of Connecticut, Judicial Branch

2010 Meetings
Date Agenda  Minutes
 March 5, 2010 agenda
 March 19, 2010 agenda minutes
 March 26, 2010 agenda
 April 9, 2010 agenda  minutes
 April 16, 2010
 April 23, 2010
 April 30, 2010 cancelled
 May 7, 2010  cancelled
 May 14, 2010 agenda minutes
 May 21, 2010 agenda minutes
 June 4, 2010 agenda minutes
 June 18, 2010 agenda
 June 25, 2010 agenda minutes
 July 1, 2010 agenda minutes
 July 9, 2010 cancelled
 July 16, 2010 agenda minutes
 July 22, 2010 agenda minutes
 July 30, 2010 cancelled
 August 5, 2010 Agenda minutes
 August 12, 2010 Agenda minutes
 August 19, 2010 Agenda minutes
 August 25, 2010 cancelled
 September 9, 2010 Agenda minutes
 September 16, 2010 Agenda minutes
 September 23, 2010 cancelled
 September 30, 2010 Agenda
 October 7, 2010 cancelled
For Further Information, Contact:
Robert Dakers, Executive Financial Officer, (860) 418-6422;