Grand Lists by Municipality 

The Grand List is the aggregate valuation of taxable property within a given municipality.

Pursuant to Section 12-55 of the Connecticut General Statutes, on or before the thirty-first day of January of each year, except as otherwise specifically provided by law, the assessors or board of assessors shall publish the grand list for their respective towns. Each such grand list shall contain the assessed values of all property in the town, reflecting the statutory exemption or exemptions to which each property or property owner is entitled, and including, where applicable, any assessment penalty added in accordance with section 12-41 or 12-57a for the assessment year commencing on the October first immediately preceding.

The Grand List is utilized in the budget process and how a municipality generates revenue for the operations and services it provides.  The Grand List is what the overall tax rate is based on.  A municipality also receives federal and state grants, receipts from licenses and fees, as part of its total income.  The property tax rate is the rate that when multiplied by the assessed value of all taxable property, will produce the revenue needed to balance the budget.  Generally, if the Grand List in your municipality increases, the mill rate will probably go down because there is more revenue (taxable property). If the Grand List decreases, the mill rate tends to go up to recover the loss in taxable revenue.

The Total Net Grand Lists by Municipality Data includes a breakdown for taxable categories and exemptions under the following column headings: Municipality Name, Residential, Commercial, Industrial, Public Utility, Vacant, Land Use, 10 Mill Forest, Apartments, Total Real, Real Exemptions, Total Net Real, Motor Vehicles, MV Exemptions, Total Net MV, Personal Property, Personal Property Exemptions, Total Net Personal Property, Total Net Grand List. For Example:

Municipality Name Hartford






Public Utility




Land Use


10 Mill Forest




Income & Expense Penalties  $32,014,215 

Total Real Property


Less:  Real Exemptions


Total Net Real Prop.


Motor Vehicles


Less:  MV Exemptions


Total Net MV


Personal Property


Less: Pers. Prop. Exemptions


Total Net Personal Property




Grand List Data

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