2014 Redesignation of Planning Regions

In 2014, the Office of Policy and Management (OPM) completed a comprehensive analysis of the boundaries of logical planning regions in Connecticut under CGS Section 16a-4c.  This analysis resulted in the number of planning regions being reduced from the original fifteen (15) to nine (9), as a result of four (4) voluntary consolidations and the elimination of two (2) planning regions.  As required by statute, OPM notified the chief executive officer (CEO) in each municipality that was proposed for redesignation and offered them a thirty (30) day period to appeal the proposed redesignation.  Of the seventeen municipalities that were proposed for redesignation by OPM, only three opted to exercise their right to appeal.  OPM staff attended meetings in Bristol, Burlington and Plymouth, and subsequently granted each of the appeals.

Status Report: Analysis of the Boundaries of Logical Planning Regions (October 1, 2013)