Survey of Agency Fiscal/Administrative Functions 2010

The Office of Finance has completed a review of the organizational structures, functions, and staffing of the fiscal/administrative functions (i.e. fiscal, human resources, information technology, other) of selected State agencies. The agencies selected for this review were generally small to mid-size agencies with fewer than 300 employees. The purpose of the review, in part, was to satisfy our statutory responsibilities under Section 4-70(b)(3) of the Connecticut General Statutes to advise the executive heads of State agencies concerning agency financial staffing needs.

The information requested has been summarized in a final report (please see link below). Included in the final report is a “profile” of each agency’s fiscal/administrative offices. This profile helps us to analyze current operations and identify possible efficiencies.

For more information, contact Michael Riggott at (860) 418-6264.

12.17.10   Final ReportPDF Image

06.21.10   Memorandum from Acting Secretary Brenda SiscoPDF Image

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