Monthly Arrest Warrant Report

If you think there is a threat right now to a person or property, call 911 or your local police department.   For Criminal Justice government professionals looking for specific information about persons associated with these warrants in order to help plan for those transitioning into the community, AND persons looking for specific information about individual warrants in Connecticut please contact:
Toby Padegenis, Program Manager
Protection Order Registry (POR) / Paperless Rearrest Warrant Network (PRAWN)
Judicial Branch - Superior Court Operations, Criminal Matters Tel:  263-2742
(Toll Free) Tel: 877-312-7807 E-mail:  
SPECIAL NOTE: Definition of Violation of Probation (VOP): A violation of probation warrant is issued by a judge to arrest a person whom the state believes has not followed his or her conditions or requirements of probation.  
For a list of historic monthly reports, access this web page: December 2006 to December 2016
These reports are available for download from this web page in in Adobe PDF (Portable Document Format).  To view these documents download the Adobe Reader or purchase a PDF software program of your choosing.

Listed in each of the reports below are the counts (or numbers) of warrants for failure to appear for criminal, motor vehicle, and violation of probation.

These counts are prepared pursuant to Public Act 06-99 which requires the Office of Policy and Management to provide the respective counts to each municipal chief elected official.  In addition, a copy of the respective municipal report is being provided to the law enforcement agency with responsibility for municipality indicated on the report.  The monthly reports listed below include the tabulations for all municipalities.  Additional explanatory information is provided as necessary.

Explanation for the Reports Below: Data Notes   

The following reports are provided with NEW Fields Added:


   JUL Arrest Warrants Municipal Tabulations - July 2021
   JUN Arrest Warrants Municipal Tabulations - June 2021
   MAY Arrest Warrants Municipal Tabulations - May 2021
   APR Arrest Warrants Municipal Tabulations - April 2021
   MAR Arrest Warrants Municipal Tabulations - March 2021
   FEB Arrest Warrants Municipal Tabulations - February 2021
   JAN  Arrest Warrants Municipal Tabulations - January 2021 





DEC Arrest Warrants Municipal Tabulations - Dec 2018
NOV Arrest Warrants Municipal Tabulations - Nov 2018
OCT Arrest Warrants Municipal Tabulations - Oct 2018
SEP Arrest Warrants Municipal Tabulations - Sep 2018
AUG Arrest Warrants Municipal Tabulations - Aug 2018
JUL Arrest Warrants Municipal Tabulations - Jul 2018
JUN Arrest Warrants Municipal Tabulations - Jun 2018

MAY Arrest Warrants Municipal Tabulations - May 2018
APR Arrest Warrants Municipal Tabulations - Apr 2018
MAR Arrest Warrants Municipal Tabulations - Mar 2018
FEB Arrest Warrants Municipal Tabulations - Feb 2018
 JAN  Arrest Warrants Municipal Tabulations - Jan 2018


The numbers provided are the total of all the reported address locations on arrest warrants, respectively, in each municipality. The arrest warrants may be for either a Failure to Appear (FTA) or a Violation of Probation (VOP) proceeding.  The forwarded report lists each of these warrants by address locations, which may be a post office or a geographical location associated with each municipality. These are “post office” locations reported as part of the address of record on the arresting documentation associated the re-arrest warrant for a person residing in the indicated municipality that are still outstanding.  It is recognized that an address of record may not be current location of the offender; however, the address of record was that reported by the offender on the date of the arrest or that associated with the violation of probation. The arrest may have been made by the law enforcement agency responsible for municipality indicted on the report or from another law enforcement jurisdiction.

The report indicates the number of re-arrest warrants for failure to appear in a criminal or motor vehicle proceeding and the number of re-arrest warrants for a violation of probation proceeding.  These numbers are from a data system, the Paperless Arrest Warrant Network, which is also known as PRAWN.  PRAWN presently contains detailed information on arrest warrants, including the offender’s name and address.  The PRAWN system is available to all organized municipal police departments and to all the State Police Troops.  PRAWN is operated and maintained by the Division of Superior Court Operations, Office of the Chief Court Administrator, Judicial Branch. 

Arrest warrants for failure to appear (FTA) and warrants for violation of probation (VOP) may be served regardless of the location of the originating warrant.  Under separate statute, offenders arrested on a warrant may be presented to the court of jurisdiction associated with the location of the arrest or to the jurisdiction from which the warrant was issued

PRAWN provides electronic space for law enforcement agencies, which have made attempts to serve a warrant on an offender, to indicate information on the service attempt(s) as well as additional investigatory information relating to the offender. This information is then available to all other law enforcement agencies.

The arrest warrant report is scheduled to be posted on this web page on, or about, the 1st of each month.

Should there be questions on the arrest warrants for failure to appear associated with a municipality, please contact the law enforcement agency for the municipality.