Research, Analysis & Evaluation


The Research, Analysis & Evaluation Unit established regular weekly SAC Grant Administrative Meetings (by contract these are three (3) hour sessions) with the SAC Director to receive status reports on all SAC deliverables and to discuss collaborative interagency research projects.  Under the terms of the SAC agreement, the SAC Director must also provide all training and technical assistance necessary to fully develop the capability of "in-house" research and evaluation expertise within the OPM/CJPPD Research, Analysis & Evaluation Unit.
Below are published Agendas and Meeting Minutes for the current activities.
Check the CJPPD Calendar for additional meeting schedules...

The meetings are presented in reverse chronological order, so that the most current meeting date is listed first.  The documents are available in Adobe PDF format. To view these documents either get the Adobe Reader OR use the Adobe PDF Converter.

Oct 31, 2008 OPM ***Cancelled Until Further Notice***
Oct 24, 2008 OPM Cancelled
Oct 17, 2008 OPM BJS/JRSA 2008 National Conference Portland OR
Oct 16, 2008 OPM BJS/JRSA 2008 National Conference Portland OR
Oct 03, 2008 OPM Cancelled
Sep 26, 2008 OPM Cancelled
Sep 26, 2008 OPM USDOJ, OJP, BJS Connecticut Site Visit
Sep 25, 2008 OPM USDOJ, OJP, BJS Connecticut Site Visit
Sep 24, 2008 OPM USDOJ, OJP, BJS Connecticut Site Visit
Sep 19, 2008 OPM Cancelled
Sep 12, 2008 OPM Cancelled
Sep 10, 2008 OPM SAC Grant Administration Meeting
with OPM/CJPPD Under Secretary Austin
Sep 05, 2008 OPM Cancelled
Aug 29, 2008 OPM Cancelled
Aug 22, 2008 OPM
Agenda / Cancelled
Aug 22, 2008 OPM OPM/CJPPD Under Secretary Austin Meeting
Aug 15, 2008 OPM
Cancelled  (CCSU Not Available)
Aug 06, 2008 OPM
Aug 01, 2008 OPM
Jul 25, 2008 OPM Agenda / Minutes
Jul 18, 2008 OPM
Agenda / Minutes    (CCSU Not Available)
Jul 11, 2008 OPM
Cancelled  (CCSU Not Available)
Jul 03, 2008 OPM Agenda / Minutes
Jun 27, 2008 OPM Agenda / Minutes
Jun 20, 2008 OPM Agenda / Minutes
Jun 06, 2008 OPM
May 23, 2008 OPM
Agenda / Minutes
Nov 01, 2007 CCSU
Explanation of Data Files - Cancelled
Oct 25, 2007 CCSU
Cancelled (STF 10/23 Presentation on Homicide)
Oct 18, 2007 CCSU
Oct 11, 2007
BJS/JRSA 2007 National Conference Pittsburgh PA
Oct 04, 2007 CCSU
Cancelled (STF 10/2 Presentation on Burglary)
Sep 27, 2007 CCSU
Sep 20, 2007 CCSU
Sep 13, 2007 CCSU
Agenda / Cancelled
Sep 06, 2007 CCSU
Aug 24, 2007 OPM

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