Estimates of State Formula Aid to Municipalities

Pursuant to C.G.S. section 4-71b, the Office of Policy and Management annually posts estimated grant amounts for certain ongoing grant programs under which the State of Connecticut’s payments to municipalities are determined by statutory formulas or payment lists. Starting in 2023, these grant estimates will be available to view and download on CT Open Data Portal. Click here to access the dataset.

Audit adjustments, timing of payments, application of statutory penalties, revised grant calculations, or the receipt of more current data can materially impact actual payments. The Department of Education also periodically updates data for grant programs it administers. These data are available here.

A five year payment history for certain grants that staff of the Office of Policy and Management administers, including some that this publication does not encompass, is also available on the Open Data Portal. Click here for historical grant payments by the Office of Policy and Management.



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Office of Policy and Management

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Last updated: August 14, 2023