Healthcare Benchmark Initiative Steering Committee



OHS created the Healthcare Benchmark Initiative Steering Committee (HBISC) with senior stakeholders, subject matter experts, state agency executives, and consumer advocates who will advise on all aspects of the Healthcare Benchmark Initiative, including:

Healthcare cost growth benchmarks and cost growth mitigation strategies to ensure equitable access to affordable healthcare;

Quality benchmarks and quality measure alignment to ensure equitable, high-quality healthcare and improved population health;

Advanced primary care that is patient-driven, team-based, equitable and effective and without unnecessary burdens for clinicians; and

Use of the All-Payer Claims Database (APCD) and other data sources to inform recommendations for legislative and executive branch proposals that will

reduce the rate of spending growth, improve healthcare and patient outcomes, and support and sustain better primary care, all in an equitable manner. 

The Stakeholder Advisory Board will continue to provide input to HBISC on the healthcare benchmark initiatives outlined above. The Technical Team has been sunset, and its members invited to participate in the HBISC, or on the Stakeholder Advisory Board.  Both the Stakeholder and Technical Team advisory boards have fulfilled their mission with due diligence and vital input over the past year.

The reasoning for the formation of the HBISC is twofold:

1. OHS is transitioning from having a panel of technical experts advise on policy direction to engaging high-level representatives of entities impacted by the healthcare benchmark initiative and other subject matter experts.  This is a crucial shift as OHS moves into the implementation phase, in order to make sure OHS has the buy-in and direct input from the entities these new policies will affect.     

2. By retaining the Stakeholder Advisory Board, OHS will continue to benefit from the engagement and guidance of group of stakeholders that has served OHS well during first year of benchmark implementation. OHS expects that the Stakeholder Advisory Board will meet on a less frequent basis, such as quarterly.  

2024 Meeting Schedule