Chartered 1808
Commandant:  Major James Marrinan
Mailing Address:
Second Company Governor's Horse Guard
4 Wildlife Drive
Newtown, CT  06470

Who We Are

The Second Company Governor’s Horse Guard (2GHG) is an all-volunteer state organized militia unit, originally formed to protect and escort the Governor.   As an active Cavalry Unit, 2GHG continues to serve the Governor and the State of Connecticut at the direction of the Connecticut Army National Guard, under the command of the Adjutant General. The main duties of the unit are as a ceremonial unit, partaking in parades and public educational service to schools, scouting groups, and special needs. 
One of the oldest cavalry units in continuous service in the United States, 2GHG was chartered in 1808 and has had a history throughout the years of dedicated service and to the preservation of the Cavalry in Connecticut. 2GHG remains ever conscious of its responsibilities to the citizens of Connecticut and thankful to those who have made our continuing existence possible.


A Brief History

In Process - information to follow



Our Command Staff

MAJ James Marrinan            Major Commandant
CPT Paul Mazzara                Executive Officer and Operations and Training Officer
1LT Barbara Spremullo         Adjutant
1LT Laura Barkowski             Riding Platoon Leader
2LT Barbara Godejohn          Quartermaster
2LT Marion Lynott                 Coronet and Public Relations Officer
2LT Jennifer Mazzara            Horse Officer
1SG Anthony Farina              Company First Sergeant


How To Join

Criteria for joining includes:
  1. You must be a citizen or permanent resident.
  2. Be between the ages of 18-55 years old.
  3. Pass a physical and a background check.
  4. No prior military or equestrian experience is necessary.
  5. Be available to participate in special events, community outreach and parades throughout the year. 
  6. After graduation from training, members drill every Thursday evening from 6:45 PM until 10:30 PM in the Winter months, and every Sunday from 10 AM – 2 PM during the Summer months.
  7. One week of mandatory annual training is held each summer.
Please e-mail us at if interested in joining and for information on sign up for our next Recruit Class.



Training consists of an 18-week long program in areas of military customs and courtesies, drill and ceremony, basic horsemanship, equitation and military leadership
Upon the completion of training, the new privates are issued spurs at their graduation ceremony. The tradition of the cavalry tells that recruits were not issued spurs when they joined the company as they did not have the proper training in how to use them.
No prior military or equestrian experience is necessary.
After graduation from training, members drill every Thursday evening from 6:45 PM until 10:30 PM in the Winter months, and every Sunday from 10 AM – 2 PM during the Summer months



  • Annual Open House – September 7th, 2019

This event serves two purposes.  The first is to give the people of Connecticut an insight into what the Horses and Troopers do and to provide them with a better understanding of the history and traditions of this active Calvary unit.  The second is a family fun day, which has lots of activities for the kids, vendors, animal adoption, music and horse demonstrations amongst other things. The thought process behind this event is to get involved more of the local community and invite them to come to visit, get to know the 2GHG and enjoy a fun and relaxing day.
  • 5K/10K Trail Run – October 26th, 2019

Our annual 5K has been upgraded to include a 10K this year.  This is a trail run over the gorgeous trails on our property.  More Information will follow including a sign-up link and a donation button. 
Currently seeking sponsors.


Requesting the 2GHG

To request the Second Company Governor's Horse Guard to participate in a parade or in a community outreach program, please send information including, date, time and details of the event to 



Friends of the Second Company Horse Guard

The “Friends of the Second Company Governor’s Horse Guards,” is a 501c3 organization in direct support of The Second Company Governor’s Horse Guard. Throughout the year, different events are put together by the Friends and the troopers as a mean to raise money to care
for the horses, their feed and the facility in Newtown.
Please visit them at for more information and pictures of the horses and troop.
All donations are tax-deductible.
Mailing Address