Image is of troopers riding horses in a parade.



The First Company Governor's Horse Guards is one of the four organized militia units of the State of Connecticut. Our mission is to serve The State whenever called upon and in whatever capacity is demanded, such as times of emergencies and disasters, traffic and crowd control, civil and community needs and assistance to the national guard families.


A Trooper’s Mount

The horses of the 1st Co. are graciously donated by citizens of the State of Connecticut. A complement of 10 horses are maintained in Avon. When donated to us, the horses are kept in quarantine for three months. If they can be acclimated to their new environment, the squad drills, and prove to be a sound animal, they are accepted into service to the State.

Weekly Drills

The troop drills every Thursday evening at their headquarters at 280 Arch Road, just off West Avon Road in Avon. The  troopers and horses train in mounted and dismounted formations, which are used successfully in controlling large crowds.

Annual Training in Niantic

Each summer, the troopers pack all equipment necessary for a

week of field training at the National Guards camp in Niantic, CT.

Here the troopers are put through a strenuous week of close

order drill, both mounted and dismounted. They qualify with the weapons assigned to the unit, along with proper safety procedures and handling. They are also required to go on overnight bivouac with the horses using the same camping, and horse tying methods used by the troop for over 200 years.

Horse for Little Heroes

A monthly program for kids/teens ages 3-16 (with parents in the military). Our Little Heroes will learn about safety around horses; how to care for and feed them; how to groom and tack up a horse-with our watchful eyes and guidance. They will get to ride and learn about what make horses so unique and good for the soul...and maybe make new friends along the way. 

Parades and Functions

The Governor’s Horse Guards participates in approximately 20 parades and functions throughout the year to the delight of thousands. Along with weekly drills, parades and functions, the troopers are required to feed and care for the horses on weekends or holidays. Each trooper is responsible for one day

per month. (2019 Listing coming soon.)


The troopers in their dedication have kept alive a state militia unit, a tradition and an “esprit de corps” surpassed by none.

Friends of The First Company Governor’s Horse Guards

The “Friends of the First Company Governor’s Horse Guards, Incorporated” is a 501c3 organization in direct support of The First Company Governor’s Horse Guards of Avon, Connecticut. Throughout the year, different events are put together by the Friends and the troopers as a mean to raise money to care for the horses, their feed and the facility in Avon. Please visit them if you wish to donate. All donations are tax-deductible.