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The Military Department operates thirty-eight Facilities strategically located throughout the state to provide support and mission capability for the Connecticut Army and Air National Guards and State Militia Units.  These facilities include 20 armories, 8 maintenance shops, 2 aviation facilities, 4 training site facilities and 2 horse guard facilities.

The Facility Management Office located at the Hartford Armory manages these facilities.  The facilities management staff prepares specifications and contracts for minor repair projects.  It coordinates with the Department of Public Works on bond improvement projects and renders emergency assistance to the facilities on a 24 hour, 7 day-a-week basis.  It operates a virtual warehouse which distributes equipment, supplies, and cleaning materials to the various facilities and encourages energy conservation.  It supervises and trains 55 maintenance personnel at the various facilities who are responsible for the cleaning, minor repairs, preventive maintenance and general upkeep of the facilities.