Why Heating Help?

As one of the coldest winter states in the country, Connecticut residents face the challenge of high monthly heating bills to keep their homes and businesses warm.

These costs are not easily affordable for everyone. Yet the option of shutting off heat during the winter could lead to life threatening situations.

Governor Lamont explains, “Here in Connecticut, we have many available services to protect vulnerable households from the cold each year, including safeguarding those who have fallen behind on their utility heating bills to avoid the risk a shutoff.”

In response to the essential need for heat, the state of Connecticut provides 6 key resources to help individuals and families stay warm despite financial setbacks.
  1. CEAP (Connecticut Energy Assistance Program)
  2. COVID-19 Winter Protection Program/Heat Moratorium
  3. COVID-19 Payment Plans (for heat and utilities)
  4. UniteCT Electricity Assistance
  5. EnergizeCT’s Energy Efficient Solutions
  6. Consumer Protections for Electricity

This portal is offered to consolidate and build awareness for these programs.

No matter what financial hardships are being faced, the right solution can most likely be found within one of the six programs highlighted on this site.