Energy Efficiency Solutions For Home and Business

Start saving more money by improving the energy efficiency of your home and/or business. You will use less energy to achieve the same output. Doing so will help you cut your bills and also reduce pollution. 

Cost Reducing Solutions by EnergizeCT

An initiative known as EnergizeCT offers different ways to help lower your energy costs. Their solutions include:

By providing advice, information and financial incentives, EnergizeCT empowers Connecticut to make smarter energy choices. 

For Your Home

EnergizeCT’s offerings for residential homes include:

  • energy assessments
  • energy savings plans
  • new construction programs
  • home energy solutions
  • solar investment programs
  • recommendations for Energy Star retail products.

If financing new initiatives is a concern, EnergizeCT also offers various loan options.

For Your Business

Your business is yet another area that uses a lot of energy. EnergizeCT can offer smart energy efficient recommendations by first assessing your facility. Based on your usage, they create:

  • energy management strategies
  • customized energy savings plans

EnergizeCT provides building solutions for:

  • small businesses
  • commercial buildings
  • education
  • industrial centers
  • multifamily facilties
  • towns and municipalities

Commercial financing options are available for business owners.

Make Smarter Energy Moves

Smarter choices can go a long way towards helping Connecticut residents save money on high energy costs and enjoy more of their lives. By providing better knowledge, strategies, guidance and solutions. EnergizeCT hopes to make a real difference for everyone in the state.

How to Get Started

Consider an energy audit for your home or business. You will understand your current energy usage and where things can be improved. EnergizeCT will come to your home or work to make these assessments and recommend brand new cost-saving solutions to help you streamline your energy usage.

Visit EnergizeCT to learn more.

Weatherization Assistance Program

The Weatherization Assistance Program is funded by the US Department of Energy, and assists low-income persons to minimize energy-related costs and fuel usage in their homes through retrofits and home improvement measures. In Connecticut, the program is administered by the Department of Energy & Environmental Protection (DEEP) in partnership with the Connecticut Community Action Agency network. Local Community Action Agencies qualify households and coordinate services.


For more information, visit: Weatherization in Connecticut