The Office of State Ethics is located at 165 Capitol Avenue, Suite 1200, Hartford, CT. Staff is available via telephone 860-263-2400, M-F 8:30 am to 5:00 pm, or by email at

Who May Request Informal Advice?  

Any person may at any time request informal advice, either verbal or in writing, regarding the Code of Ethics for Public Officials or the Code of Ethics for Lobbyists.        

How to Request Informal Advice?

There are three ways to request informal advice:    

1.   Fill out the Request for Informal Advice Form and submit it by clicking on the “submit by

      e-mail" button.    

2.    Draft your own request for informal written advice and:    

      a.   Fax to:        (860) 263-2402   

      b.  Email to:  Requests re: Code of Ethics for Public Officials or Requests re: Code of Ethics for Lobbyists  

      c.  Mail or hand deliver it to:

                                Office of State Ethics
165 Capitol Avenue, Suite 1200
Hartford, CT 06106

3.    Call the Office of State Ethics Legal Division for informal verbal advice at (860) 263-2400.      

How is the Request Processed?     

A request will be assigned to an attorney in the Office of State Ethics legal division who will issue informal staff advice only when formal advisory opinions have established precedent or the law is clear. If the Office of State Ethics General Counsel determines, for example, that there is no controlling precedent, the individual making the request will be asked to submit a request for an advisory opinion to the Citizen’s Ethics Advisory Board.  See, How to Request an Advisory Opinion.