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  • Agency 1994-1995 Annual Report (40KB)

    Expenditures for the rent bank program reached $950,000 and expenditures for mediation services reached $523,568. The security deposit expenditures reached$398,532, and state funds of $1,347,899 were provided for the transitional program which provides a bridge between shelters and permanent housing.

  • Agency 1995-1996 Annual Report (45KB)

    The Family Support Grant Program provided grants and social work services to 29 families with children who have disabilities other than mental retardation. These grants helped those Connecticut families defray the extraordinary expenses associated with caring for their children; the expenditure was $71,230.

  • Agency 1996-1997 Annual Report (38KB)

    Through Temporary Family Assistance, an unemployed parent with two children received approximately$500 per month in cash assistance, and about $250 per month in Food Stamps, at a annual value of about $9500.

  • Agency 1997-1998 Annual Report (47KB)

    Through its Bureau of Rehabilitation Services, DSS provided vocational rehabilitation services to 9,811 disabled clients, helping them to succeed in employment and independent living. Of this number, more than 1,775 people entered the competitive workforce, and more than 900 entered independent living programs.

  • Agency 2001-2002 Annual Report (103KB)

    HUSKY health care coverage (free or low-cost, depending on family income) enrollment increased to more than 209,700 children and teenagers, and expanded to about 80,000 parents and caregivers of children (income limits were increased to 150 percent of FPL on January 1, 2002).

  • Agency 2002-2003 Annual Report (230KB)

    Eligibility for parents and adult caregivers in HUSKY A households was decreased from 150% to 100% of the federal poverty level (FPL) on April 1, 2003, pursuant to deficit-reduction legislation.

  • Agency 2003-2004 Annual Report (147KB)

    During SFY 2004, the DSS Elderly Services Division administered approximately $23 million from the federal Older Americans Act and other federal and state funds to provide a multitude of services to an estimated 106,082 seniors.

  • Agency 2004-2005 Annual Report (712KB)

    Recognized by the United States Department of Agriculture for achieving a Food Stamp payment error rate of 4.94% for FFY 2004, that is below the national performance measure of 5.88%.

  • Agency 2005-2006 Annual Report (712KB)

    • As part of an interagency collaboration responsible for implementation of the Pilots Supportive Housing Initiative, the State of Connecticut was selected as one of seven national winners of the 2006 Innovations in Government Awards presented by Harvard University’s Ash Institute For Democratic Governance and Innovation.

  • Agency 2009-2010 Annual Report (442 KB)

    Connecticut Child Support Enforcement System (CCSES): Connecticut received$2,390,000 in ARRA funding for enhancements to the program’s automated system to increase location of noncustodial parents, improve establishment and enforcement productivity, increase collections, increase federal incentive dollars, and reduce future programming costs.

  • Agency Annual Report, State Fiscal Year 2012 (810 KB)

    The Department of Social Services delivered vital public benefits to approximately 750,000 Connecticut residents on an ongoing basis across all programs during SFY 2012. As the need for medical coverage, food assistance and other human services remained acute, DSS field staff continued to shoulder high levels of application processing, eligibility determination and case maintenance.

  • Child Care Annual Report for State Fiscal Year 2007-2008 (460 KB)

    9,357 preschool children participated in the School Readiness Program, and another 4,352 children, ages 1-12, participated in the State-supported Child Care Center Program.

  • Child Care Annual Report for State Fiscal Year 2002-2003 (770KB)

    The overall number, as of June 30, 2003, of child care providers licensed by the Department of Public Health (DPH) decreased by 3% from the previous year’s level.

  • Child Care Annual Report for State Fiscal Year 2003-2004 (440KB)

    In SFY 2004, Care 4 Kids fraud related activities resulted in 150 completed investigations that led to the identification and referral for prosecution of nearly $200,000 in fraudulent overpayments.

  • Child Care Annual Report for State Fiscal Year 2004-2005 (642 KB)

    The total number of child care providers licensed by the Department of Public Health (DPH) as of June 30, 2005 decreased by 3.1% from the previous year’s level.