Non-Emergency Medical Transportation

NEMT is a limited transportation service available to Covered CT members who have no other transportation to or from their healthcare appointments.  Members can go to any healthcare provider they choose in their network. However, NEMT is only offered to the closest appropriate provider.  Transportation services include, public transit, sedan, wheelchair accessible vehicle and mileage reimbursement.  Please note, NEMT is not an on-demand service.

  • You must request transportation a minimum of 48 business hours before your appointment (please see example below) when using anything other than Public Transit. Public transit requests require at least 7 to 10 business days advanced notice.
  • To request a ride, call 855-478-7350, Monday through Friday between 7:00 AM and 6:00 PM EST.
  • For life threatening emergencies dial 911.
  • For more information, visit
  • Check your coverage plan for which services qualify for non-emergency transportation.

You need to call no later than:

If you have an appointment on:

Monday at 10 am

Wednesday 10 am

Wednesday at 11:30 am

Friday 11:30 am

Thursday before 2pm

Monday at 2pm