Economic Security - Electronic Benefits Transfer EBT


  • What is EBT

    Electronic Benefits Transfer, or EBT, is a system which makes the issuance of state public assistance and federal food stamp benefits faster and easier through the use of electronic transactions. Through the use of an EBT card clients can access cash benefits through automated teller machines (ATM's) and food and cash benefits at the point-of-sale (POS) terminals of retailers authorized by USDA to accept food stamp benefits. 

  • What to Do If The System is Not Working or The Store Does Not Have a Card Reader

    The clerk may fill out a manual voucher, for food stamp purchases only. This voucher will list:

    • Your card number.
    • The amount of your purchase.

    After the clerk fills in the voucher, the clerk will call to see if you have enough benefits to buy the food. Before you sign, make sure the amount on the voucher is correct. If it is, sign the voucher, and you will be given a copy of the voucher. Keep this voucher so you can subtract this amount from your balance. This will give you the correct amount in your account. It may take a few days for the amount to be subtracted from your account.