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2005 Informational Publications

IP 2005(1), Is My Connecticut Withholding Correct?
IP 2005(7), Connecticut Employer's Tax Guide - Circular CT
IP 2005(8), Fisherman's Guide to Sales and Use Taxes and Estimated Income Tax
IP 2005(9), Connecticut Income Tax Information for Armed Forces Personnel and Veterans
IP 2005(10), Q & A: Income Tax Credit for Property Taxes Paid to a Connecticut Political Subdivision
IP 2005(12), Farmer's Guide to Sales and Use Taxes, Motor Vehicle Fuels Tax, Estimated Income Tax and Withholding Tax
IP 2005(13.1), Connecticut Income Tax Changes Affecting Pass-Through Entities
IP 2005(14), Guide to Calculating Annualizing Estimated Corporation Business Tax Installments and Worksheet CT-1120AE
IP 2005(15), Connecticut Income Tax Treatment of Gambling Winnings Other Than State Lottery Winnings
IP 2005(16), Connecticut Income Tax Treatment of State Lottery Winnings Received by Residents and Nonresidents of Connecticut
IP 2005(17), Q & A on the Connecticut Individual Use Tax
IP 2005(21), Form W-2 Magnetic Media Filing Requirments for Tax Year 2005
IP 2005(22), Connecticut Magnetic Media Filing Requirements for Tax Year 2005 for Forms 1098, 1099-MISC, 1099-R, 1099-S, W-2G
IP 2005(23.1), Federal/State Electronic Filing Handbook
IP 2005(24), Connecticut Tax Tips for Senior Citizens
IP 2005(25), Personal Taxes
IP 2005(26), Business Taxes
IP 2005(27), A Guide to Calculating Your Annualized Estimated Income Tax Installments and Worksheet CT-1040 AES
IP 2005(28), Estimated Connecticut Income Taxes
IP 2005(29), The Connecticut Neighborhood Assistance Act Tax Credit Program
IP 2005(30), Paying Connecticut Taxes by Electronic Funds Transfer
IP 2005(31), Q & A: The Connecticut Alternative Minimum Tax