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You may appeal any action or audit findings by filing a written request for a hearing.  Your request must be received within 60 days of the original action or finding date.  If you do not file a written request for a hearing within 60 days, the action or finding is final.  Mail your appeal to:

Department of Revenue Services
Appellate Division
450 Columbus Blvd.
Hartford, CT 06103

You will be sent a notice of the time and place of your hearing.  The hearing may be rescheduled for good cause.  You may appear in person or send an attorney to the hearing.  You may bring witnesses, documents or other material to support your appeal.

You will be sent the findings and ruling on your appeal.  If the dispute involves an audit and you continue to disagree with the ruling you may request one or more other jurisdictions to audit your records.  Each jurisdiction may choose to grant or deny your request.  Jurisdictions that agree to audit your records will audit only the information involving your operation with them.  You will be responsible for any costs related to these audits.