Workforce Development Tools for
Local and Tribal Health Departments

Tools and Templates
  • ASTHO Workforce Development Toolkit was developed through the collaborative efforts between ASTHO and the Ohio State University College of Public Health, with funding from CDC. The toolkit serves to (1) develop an agency-wide Workforce Development Plan and (2) facilitate preparation for accreditation through PHAB.
  • Workforce Development Plan Template and User Guide was developed by the Ohio State University College of Public Health to aid local health departments in the creation of their agency-based workforce development plan. This document serves as a user guide and resource manual for utilizing the template.
  • Template extracted from the DPH Workforce Development Plan provides local and tribal health agencies with guidance in creating their own workforce development plans. The template shows the structure and format of DPH's plan and provides basic instructions on how to complete each section.



 Updated: July 2023