Quality Improvement Tools for
Local and Tribal Health Departments

Accreditation includes a focus on the use and integration of performance management and quality improvement practices and processes for the continuous improvement of the public health department's practices, programs, and interventions. Areas of interest include a department's adopted performance management system and the department's written quality improvement plan. Performance Management and Quality Improvement are both addressed in DPH's Quality Plan. This plan identifies the processes and activities that will be put into place to ensure that quality services are consistently provided and is required for any department seeking PHAB accreditation.

Developing a Quality Improvement (QI) Project For more information and guidance on how to understand following tools and techniques, check out the Embracing Quality in Public Health Guidebook. Chapter 7, on PDF page 59, focuses on the utilizing quality improvement tools.

Tools and Templates
Performance Management Strategies
  • Healthy Connecticut 2020 Performance Dashboard is a web-based application that operationalizes the performance management system at DPH. The dashboard provides a mechanism to publicly display progress in meeting the Healthy Connecticut 2020 State Health Improvement Plan objectives and allows program staff and supervisors to monitor the work of programs within DPH to identify both successes and opportunities for improvement.
  • DPH has adopted the Turning Point Performance Management framework as the underpinning for performance improvement work in the department. The framework is organized around each of the four components of a performance management system including: (1) Performance Standards, (2) Performance Measurement, (3) Reporting a Progress, and (4) Quality Improvement



Updated: July 2023