Local and Tribal Health Department Tools
for PHAB Pre-Requisites

Community Health Assessment (CHA) and Health Improvement Plan (CHIP)

NACCHO Tools and Resources
  • NACCHO's Resource Center has a host of valuable information and tools to assist local health departments engage partners, stakeholders, and community members, and conduct a Community Health Assessment.
  • Using Healthy People 2020 to collaborate on assessment and planning is a 9 minute video describing how a local health department in Georgia and a major local hospital worked together to conduct a community health assessment and improvement planning process.
  • Norwalk Health Department Collaboration presentation takes a look at a strengths-based partnership between the local health department and the hospital in Norwalk, CT.
  • NACCHO's MAPP Guidance provides training modules and tools to guide a local health department through the six phases of MAPP (Mobilizing for Action through Planning and Partnerships), a community-driven strategic planning process for improving community health.
CDC Tools and Resources PHF Tools and Resources Developing/Implementing an Agency Strategic Plan

CT Department of Public Health Strategic Planning Documents

  • Strategic Planning 2019 - 2023 
  • Implementation Planning Worksheet Template: This template is used to monitor and assess progress towards reaching the goals and objectives in the annual Strategic Map. Each year, CT DPH updates the Strategic Map for the Strategic Plan with the Public Health Strategic Team (PHST - made up of DPH managers, staff, and the commissioners), adding/revising/deleting strategic priorities based on emerging issues and the progress made the year before. Objectives are then voted on to prioritize, and each priority objective is assigned to a DPH program, work-group, or committee. An implementation worksheet is filled out for priority objectives (colored boxes on the Strategic Map) and monitored quarterly by the Quality Improvement Council, a subcommittee of the PHST.
    • Example: 2017 Accreditation Implementation Planning Worksheet - This example monitors the progress towards a 2017 DPH Strategic Priority, "Strengthen Approaches and Capacity to Improve Population Health", specifically the "Maintain PHAB Accreditation and Prepare for Reaccreditation" Track of Work/Objective

NACCHO Tools and Resources

Other National Tools and Resources


  Updated: July 2023