Every Smile Counts 

Every Smile Counts is a statewide health survey of children and older adults in Connecticut. Data are collected by registered dental hygienists using a nationally standardized tool that was developed by America State and Territorial Dental Directors (ASTDD) in collaboration with the CDC to gather information on the presence of dental sealants, untreated decay, tooth loss, and need for treatment.

Children survey:

Every Smile Counts Report 2022

Every Smile Counts Infographic 2022 

Every Smile Counts Report 2017

Every Smile Count Report 2012

Every Smile Counts Report 2007

Overweight and Obesity among Kindergarten and 3rd Grade Children in Connecticut 2016-2017


Adult Survey: 

Every Smile Counts Report 2022 Older Adults

Every Smile Counts Infographic 2022 Older Adults

Every Smile Counts Report 2012 Vulnerable Adult.pdf 


CT Oral Health Surveillance System

        CT Oral Health Surveillance System Data (updated 9.5.23)  

        (Includes: Oral Health Data, Access to Care, Oral Health Interventions, Workforce)

Access to Care (Updated 4.22.21)

Risk Factors (updated 6.9.21)

Oral Health Outcomes (updated 4.21.21)   (Includes: BDR, BSS and BRFSS indicators)  

Oral Health in Connecticut (2013-2018)


CDC Surveillance Page

Healthy People 2030 – Oral Health Objectives

National Oral Health Surveillance System

Dental Professionals Shortage Designations (DHPSA)

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Oral Health

CDC’s State Fluoridation Data

CDC's National Centers for Health Statistics data

Oral Health Data Tools  





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