Source Water Assessment and Protection

The Source Protection and Assessment Unit is responsible for the purity and adequacy of Connecticut’s approximately 4,000 surface and ground water drinking water supply sources. The program elements coordinate, manage, and regulate source protection through the enhancement and oversight of existing source protection laws and regulations, integration with water supply planning, education of local land use officials, and involvement with stakeholders on a continuous basis. For more information view the Source Water Protection Unit Fact Sheet  
Permit and Review Documents for the MDC Abandonment Permit Application

As of July 20, 2023, DPH has completed its review and made a final determination in MDC’s proposed abandonment of 10 billion gallons in Colebrook Reservoir. DPH understands and appreciates the public’s interest in MDC’s proposed abandonment of a portion of the volume of the Colebrook Reservoir and certainly agrees that transparency and disclosure are important. To that end, DPH is posting the Permit, Application and related documents here. These documents will remain on this website for a minimum of 60 days (Sept 18, 2023)

DPH Source Abandonment Permit 10 BG Colebrook River Lake Colebrook

Supporting Documents: Colebrook 

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