• Alternative Work Practice Form This form must be completed and submitted by a licensed Project Designer in order for the alternative work practice to be reviewed by DPH.  A check in the amount of $200, made payable to, "Treasurer, State of Connecticut" is required for review of the application.
  • Demolition Notification Form This form must be completed when a facility is being demolished  and the facility either contains no known asbestos-containing material or if the facility contains no more than ten (10) linear feet or no more than twenty-five (25) square feet of asbestos-containing material.  This form does not need to be submitted to DPH provided that the agency previously received an asbestos abatement notification form for the facility in which "Demolition" was indicated in Box 9.  (Note:  All asbestos abatement involving more than three (3) linear feet or more than three (3) square feet of asbestos-containing material must be performed by a licensed asbestos contractor.) 
  • EPA Notification Form This form is provided for contractors notifying for an EPA defined "facility" and is required for any demolition, whether asbestos is present or not; and for any renovation project involving at least 160 square feet, 260 linear feet or 35 cubic feet off a facility component. Do not send form to DPH. 

    Send EPA notification of demolition or renovation to:
    EPA New England Headquarters
    5 Post Office Square - Suite 100
    Boston, MA 02109-3912 Questions: 1-888-372-7341, Jordan Alves
  • Request for Refund This form must be completed and emailed to DPHAsbestos@ct.gov for requesting a refund of a notification fee for a cancelled project or overpayment made on a project.  Attach a copy of the signed contract between the owner and contractor with the request form. 

All asbestos abatement contractors, asbestos consultants, asbestos abatement workers and site supervisors must be licensed by the CT DPH.

For licensing requirements and applications go to: www.ct.gov/dph/ehlicenses