HOME Investment Partnerships Program - State of Connecticut

History: Program was authorized by the Cranston-Gonzalez National Affordable Housing Act of 1990 (P.L. 101-625). The HOME program is a federal block grant program that provides funding to states and localities to be used exclusively for affordable housing activities to benefit low-income households. HOME funds are awarded as loans and/or grants to eligible applicants.

Purpose : HOME is the largest federally-funded program administered by the DOH and is designed to create affordable housing for low and moderate-income households. The HOME program is designed to:

  • Provide quality, affordable housing for Connecticut residents
  • Strengthen communities
  • Expand the capacity of non-profit housing development organizations and
  • Leverage private sector participation

Source of Funding: Federal – subject to annual appropriations.

Process: Open application process, eligible applicants can apply for funding at any time of the year. Applicants must complete DOH/CHFA Consolidated Application.

Eligible Applicants are:

  • Municipalities
  • Non-Profit Organizations
  • Community Housing Development Organizations (CHDOs)
  • For-Profit Developers Acquisition
  • Individuals

Eligible Uses are:

  • Rehabilitation
  • New Construction
  • Demolition
  • American Dream Downpayment Initiative
  • Homeownership
  • Rental Housing
  • Relocation
  • Pre-Development Loans
  • Operating Expenses (CHDOs only) Community Housing Development Organizations (CHDOs) - A CHDO is a private nonprofit, community-based service organization that develops affordable housing for the community it serves.
  • Homebuyer Education

Statutory Link: Title II of the Cranston-Gonzalez National Affordable Housing Act as amended

Regulatory Link: 24 CFR Part 92, the Final Rule: Title 24--Housing and Urban Development PART 92--HOME INVESTMENT PARTNERSHIPS PROGRAM

DOH highly recommends that you familiarize yourself with the HOME Investment Partnership Program including the applicable Federal regulations. Below, although not exhaustive, is a list of Federal Regulations that are required to be met by Applicants during the development/construction period:

Fair Housing and Equal Opportunity
Affirmative Marketing
Handicapped Accessibility Labor
Section 504
Davis-Bacon Act
Labor Standards
Environmental Requirements
Section 3 of the Housing and Urban Development Act of 1968
Minority/Women's Business Enterprise
Lead-Based Paint Requirements  

Consolidated Plan for Housing and Community Development - The Consolidated Plan (ConPlan) is a five-year plan addressing Connecticut's housing and community development needs. It provides the framework for a planning process used by states and localities to not only identify housing, homeless, community and economic development needs and resources, but to also tailor a strategic plan for meeting those needs. For grantees it outlines strategies to meet the needs and objectives of the state. 


Annual Action Plan - The Action Plan updates the State's Consolidated Plan (ConPlan) on a yearly basis. The activities and resources for DOH's HOME Program for the fiscal year are outlined in the plan. 

Both Plans can be found here.