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(HARTFORD, CT) The Connecticut Department of Housing (DOH) and the Connecticut Housing Finance Authority (CHFA) today announced that the bi-annual Development Engagement Process is now open for developers seeking state financial assistance or Low-Income Housing Tax Credits (LIHTC) for projects throughout Connecticut. The Spring 2024 Development Engagement Process (DEP) is open for approximately four weeks.Developers are encouraged to submit projects for consideration only if they believe they can prepare and deliver a complete and compliant application within 120 days of an Invitation to Apply. 


For information on how to submit a housing development project for consideration and the requirements, go HERE


“We encourage any developer with prospective affordable housing projects to submit a proposal for the DEP Spring 2024 cycle,” said Commissioner Seila Mosquera-Bruno. “Financial assistance is not guaranteed, but this process provides developers with an opportunity to engage with the state, possibly get technical assistance and learn how to execute projects that fit with our goal to increase available housing that CT residents can afford.”


The Development Engage Process follows these basic steps:

  1. DOH announces the round and its requirements.
  2. Eligible Developers read through the Requirements and Instructions in preparation to submit a Preliminary Application; submissions are made online through a portal that will be linked on the date it is opened.
  3. Questions before, during, and after the round should be directed to
  4. DOH and CHFA review submissions, determine eligibility, and follow-up to schedule meetings or decline incomplete and/or unsuitable projects.
  5. For Preliminary Applications, initial contact will be made within 45 days from the submission period closing; not every submission will necessarily receive a request for a call or meeting.
  6. Suitable submissions are discussed with the DOH Commissioner and Chief Executive Officer of CHFA
  7. Based on DOH’s review, projects are assigned a status:
    1. Decline
    2. Invite to Apply for Funding
    3. Preliminary Stage
    4. Continue Conversation
    5. Closed
  1. Results and next steps are communicated by DOH or CHFA staff in writing, depending on the type of assistance a project involves, which will outline a submission’s status and expectations on timeframes for its progress.
  2. The 9% LIHTC submissions are referred to CHFA and prospective applicants must follow all requirements for the next competitive application period.


For the requirements and more information on how to submit a prospective housing development project for consideration go HERE




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