Training and Staff Development 

275 Jarvis Street
Cheshire, CT 06410
Phone: (203) 271-5100
Fax: (203) 271-5179
Director: Ashley McCarthy
The Maloney Center for Training and Staff Development is the Department's principle training site for in-service and pre-service training.

The Center maintains an environment conducive to adult centered learning. The connection between training, job performance, and agency operations is now evident in training programs with the goal of highly trained, professional and competent staff throughout the Department.

Along with this initiative, the pre-service curriculum has been changed to one that includes a connection with the correctional trainee's work site. Each trainee is paired with a mentor throughout their training period. Each week includes two days of classroom training, two days of training at the work site under the guidance of their mentor and a fifth day to return to the academy to process and reinforce their learning for the week. This program has proven highly beneficial in reinforcing the training curriculum through its immediate application in the work place.

The academy, in conjunction with the Human Resources Unit, is also working toward improved succession planning and workforce development. This topic is critical to the agency as it seeks to ensure a successful and competent workforce into the future.

The Center works closely with specialized Department units, for example Correctional Emergency Response Units, the Special Operations Group and the Situation Control Team, to develop relevant programs which have a great impact on public, staff and system safety.

The training center staff continues to explore distance learning. The academy uses satellite technology to receive broadcasts from the national level on a variety of topics. In addition, training programs and curricula are developed, reviewed, and revised to ensure that they meet the needs of today's correctional professionals. Maloney Center for Training and Staff Development continues to be accredited with the American Correctional Association.

The facility is named in honor of Francis H. Maloney who is credited as being the founding father of the original Connecticut Department of Correction Justice Academy.  As Commissioner of the Department of Children and Youth Services, he had urged the creation of a centralized, joint training facility to provide orientation and in-service training to the state's 4,000 employees of the justice system.  He would serve as the Academy's director and on its board.  In 1992, the modern day facility was named for him.