Staffing and K-9 Unit

24 Wolcott Hill Road
Wethersfield, CT 06109
Phone: (860) 692-7490
Fax: (860) 692-7513
Deputy Warden: Ronald Cotta

This unit is responsible for insuring that the agency’s 18 correctional facilities are equipped with appropriate levels of staff at all times to fulfill the Department’s mission of public safety and provide for safe, secure and orderly institutions. The functioning and fiscal accounting for nearly 4,000 correctional staff are constantly analyzed to provide for a cost-effective correctional system.

The unit also conducts and maintains performance measures for the facilities and the agency as a whole that gauge among other essential criteria, the rates of inmate on inmate, and inmate on staff assaults and the frequency of use of force within the correctional environment.

A critical aspect of the Department’s ability to maintain the security of its facilities is its 22 canine teams. These highly trained combinations of handler and canine are utilized on a daily basis to maintain order within the correctional facilities. Their capabilities in the detection of drugs play a key role in searches of the inmate population as well as in the abatement of drugs entering the correctional perimeter.