Sentence Calculation and Interstate Management Unit

1151 East Street South
Suffield, CT 06078
Central Recods: (860) 292-3486
Interstate / SCIM: (860) 292-3404
Central Recods Warehouse: (203) 271-5908
Fax: (860) 292-3453

Director: David Snyder

The Sentence Calculation and Interstate Management Unit (SCIM) was created in August 2012 to oversee the offices of Central Records, Interstate Compact and Risk Reduction Earned Credits. Central Records manages central record keeping and sentence calculation functions, provides technical assistance to facilities and attorneys regarding sentence and time calculation matters, provides expert testimony in civil and criminal cases on behalf of the department and manages the Central Records Warehouse.

The Interstate Compact office oversees the transfer of inmates with other states including transfers pursuant to the Interstate Agreement on Detainers.

The Risk Reduction Earned Credit office provides training and technical assistance to staff regarding Risk Reduction Earned Credits, conducts audits and reviews inmates as part of the Discharge Review Process.