Best Practices Unit

24 Wolcott Hill Road
Wethersfield, CT 06109
Fax: (860) 692-6826

The Best Practices Unit (BPU) seeks to foster and promote evaluation-based and results-based policies and practices within the Department of Correction (DOC), to improve policy and practice and to document these efforts and results.

Through measuring and comparing the agency's operations, programming and performance with the highest correctional standards nationwide, the Unit will assist in assuring that the best outcome is being achieved, for the taxpayer's dollars that are spent.

The Unit will play a significant role in adhering to the requirement within state government for Results-based Accountability among state agencies. It is a process designed to help the DOC think clearly about the results it wants to attain with identified populations, to help identify indicators that would measure attainment of such results, and to identify performance indicators of efforts by participants in programs, treatment, etc.

The BPU will play an important role in collaborating with other stakeholders, including, but not limited to, the Departments of Social Services, Children and Families, Mental Health and Addiction Services and Court Support Services Division of the Judicial Branch.

The BPU will assist in aligning grant activities with the mission and strategic plans of the DOC. Grants should assist the DOC in promoting its core functions and in assisting with the improvement of policies and practice. BPU will assist in the process of incorporating evaluative thinking into grant activities.