Who Can Answer My Questions

For the family and friends of an offender, a term of incarceration can be as difficult for those left at home as it is for the offender in a correctional facility. If this is the offender's first sentence, the questions and concerns are multiplied.

As the loved one of an offender you have likely explored this website for answers to your questions.  If you have not yet, we urge you to review extensive information available through both the Frequently Asked Questions and Information for Friends and Family links on the left.   

You may have more questions, with which you can contact the Public Information Office at 860-692-7780 or the correctional facility where your loved one is housed.  Facility telephone numbers are available through the Facilities link on the left.  Or you may e-mail DOC PIO and we will direct your question to the appropriate staff for a prompt response.

You may also have valuable information that if shared, could assist the Department of Correction in treating your loved one.

For example:

  • Is your loved one prone to self harm and has it occurred in the past?
  • Have there been past mental health issues, and how were those treated?
  • Are there medical issues that the agency should be aware of?

The Department of Correction views the family and friends of an offender as allies in supporting the safety and security of your loved one. We welcome your assistance in this mission.