Risk Reduction Earned Credit

Effective February 1, 2016

The Department of Correction Modifies the Risk Reduction Earned Credit Program

The Risk Reduction Earned Credit program was established by the Connecticut State Legislature in 2011, as an incentive to promote good behavior and program participation among offenders.  Prior to February 1, 2016, all those who qualified (regardless of their security risk level) received a reduction of five days off their sentence per month.

Wanting to refine the program and further incentivize the offender population, Department of Correction Commissioner Scott Semple has authorized changes to the manner in which Risk Reduction Earned Credits are awarded.

The updated policy creates an incentive for offenders to progress to the lowest security risk level, where the potential for earning credit is greatest.  Offenders assigned to the highest risk level will earn the least amount of credits.

Under the revised program offenders with a security risk level of four will now receive three days of Risk Reduction Earned Credits per month, while offenders with risk levels of two and three will have earned four days of credit per month.  Offenders with an overall risk level of one will still receive five days of credit per month.

Again, the new policy represents a change from the previous practice of awarding all eligible offenders five days of credit per month.  Security risk levels range from five to one, with level five representing the highest level of risk.

"The revised structure will motivate offenders with higher security risk levels to engage in programming and positive behavior in order to reduce their risk levels, and receive more earned credits,” said Commissioner Semple.  “With offenders motivated to comply with institutional rules, this new policy has the added benefit of enhancing staff safety."

How It Works

Effective February 1, 2016 the earning of Risk Reduction Earned Credit (RREC) will be aligned with an offenders overall risk level.

Connecticut General Statute Section 18-98e states that the earning of RREC will be based on an offender’s adherence to their offender accountability plan, for participation in eligible programs and activities, and for good conduct and obedience to institutional rules as designated by the Commissioner of Correction.

RREC shall be earned in the following manner as long as an offender complies with their offender accountability plan and follows all institutional policies and procedures:

  • Overall risk level 1 and offenders supervised in the community may earn 5 days per month.
  • Overall risk level 2 and 3 may earn 4 days per month
  • Overall risk level 4 may earn 3 days per month

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