Research at the Connecticut Department of Correction (CDOC)

The Connecticut Department of Correction CDOC welcomes requests for research that would entail study of the correctional environment and the offender population.

CDOC shall conduct and support research that will improve operations, contribute to professional knowledge, reduce recidivism, enhance public safety and advance the Department’s mission.

Information for Investigators

CDOC welcomes collaboration with investigators from a variety of fields. CDOC is particularly interested in

  1. research aimed at producing demonstrable benefits for members of the correctional population, in terms of health and reduced risk of recidivism.
  2. Research addressing population management issues,
  3. research aimed at improving public safety and a positive re-entry outcomes,
  4. research aimed at improving the workplace environment for correctional staff.

How to submit a research proposal to CDOC

  1. Contact CDOC: Submit Letter of Inquiry. See contact information below.
  2. Initial Approval: Regardless of the funding status of the proposal or IRB status, CDOC will evaluate all research proposals in terms of the Approval Criteria mentioned earlier
  3. Final Approval:Once CDOC personnel have assessed the appropriateness of the proposal, it will be forwarded to the CDOC Commissioner. Research or evaluation activities cannot proceed without the Commissioner’s signature.

    Note: The amount of time required for RAC and Commissioner approval will vary based on the number of applications submitted. It is the investigator’s responsibility to initiate the approval process in a timely manner.

Contact Information