Hospice and Palliative Care Program
Interdisciplinary Team Services

The interdisciplinary team services include Physician Services, Hospice Inmate Volunteer Coordinator, Nursing Services, Pastoral Care, Mental Health Services, Bereavement Care, Volunteer Services, Ancillary Services, and Correctional Facility Liaison. The York Correctional Institution also provide Comfort Pet Visits service.

Physician Services

Evaluates the psychosocial and medical aspects of the patient's condition. Reviews, coordinates, and is responsible for the management of the patient's changing problems and needs.

Hospice Inmate Volunteer Coordinator

Provides guidelines for services which are in accordance with accepted standards of practice for hospice care. Recruits and supervises a corps of inmate volunteers.

Nursing Services

Provides an on-going assessment of the patient and their family's needs and monitors their condition for proper amounts of medication for pain.

Pastoral Care

Provides spiritual and emotional support for the patient, their family and friends.

Mental Health Services

Provides counseling and linkage to community services for the patient and their family. To help the patient and their family adjust to the effects of terminal illness.

Bereavement Care

The team offers support and assistance to help the patient and their family cope with death-related grief and loss issues.

Volunteer Services

Specially trained inmate volunteers are assigned to provide on-going care and support to the terminally ill patient, family and friends.

Ancillary Services

Other Hospice organizations offer advice and training to the facility team. Nutritional counseling, pharmaceutical needs, laboratory and radiology services are provided.

Correctional Facility Liaison

Serves as a liaison between Hospice staff and other facility areas; and participates an a member of the Interdisciplinary Team.

Comfort Pet Visits

Pet visits are provided with inmate trained disability assistance dogs, in conjunction with the Prison Pup Partnership and the NEADS program.