Wardens of Closed/Consolidated Facilities

Closed Facilities

Connecticut State Prison

Year Warden
1827-1837 Moses C. Pilsbury
1837-1844 Amos Pilsbury
1844-1850 Elisha Johnson
1850-1851 Leonard R. Welles
1851-1852 Elisha Johnson
1852-1854 Leonard R. Welles
1854-1857 William Willard
1857-1862 N. Daniel Webster
1862-1870 William Willard
1870-1874 A. J. Botelle
1874-1879 E. B. Hewes
1879-1885 August Sargent
1885-1893 S. Chamberlain
1893-1899 Jabez L. Woodbridge
1899-1911 Albert Garvin
1911-1918 Ward A. Garner
1918-1920 Charles C. McClaughry
1920-1929 Henry K. W. Scott
1929-1934 Charles S. Reed
1934-1954 Ralph H. Walker
1954-1956 George A. Cummings
1956-1957 Frederick G. Reincke
1957-1961 Mark S. Richmond
1961-1963 Frederick G. Reincke

            Lt. Gen. Reincke, formerly of Wethersfield and Rocky Hill, served for 47 years in uniform in two World Wars as both a Navy sailor and as an Army/Connecticut National Guard officer.  He is the longest-serving Adjutant General of the State Military Department, serving under six governors from 1948 to 1963.  While Adjutant General and following his retirement from the military, General Reincke also served as warden of the Connecticut State Prison, responsible for restoring order after a series of riots and initiating several rehabilitative programs.  His extensive public service also includes serving as Hartford County High Sheriff and as a member of the Wethersfield Board of Selectmen and Police Commission. 

(From the Department of Veterans Affairs- Veterans' Hall of Fame)

Connecticut Youth Camp

Year Warden
1968-1975 Salvatore J. Fazio

Hartell Driving While Intoxicated Unit
(Windsor Locks)

Year Warden
1985-1989 William D. Morabito
1989-1990 Carol A. Dunn
1990-1992 Evelyn B. Horn
1992-1993 Mary M. Marcial
1993-1995 Edson T. Bourn

Hartford State Jail

Year Warden
1968-1970 Daniel Leone
1970-1972 Dwaine Nickeson
1972-1974 Francis T. Moore
1974-1977 Richard W. Wezowicz

Jennings Road Detention Center

Year Warden
1989-1990 John J. Armstrong
1991-1992 Christopher T. Pelkey
1992-1993 Mary M. Wolff
1994-1995 Stephen H. Clarke

Litchfield Correctional Center

Year Warden
1970-1983 Charles H. Brownell
1983-1989 Anna Thompson
1990-1991 Nicholas Grippo
1991-1993 Edson T. Bourn

Montville Correctional Center

Year Warden
1957-1968 Robert Hullivan
1968-1980 Henry J. Karney
1981-1982 C. Frank Dennis
1982-1989 William J. Maynard
1990-1991 D. James Barton

Morgan Street Detention Center

Year Warden
1983-1986 Stanley Stadnicki
1986-1988 Robert Gurn
1988-1989 Lawrence R. Tilghman
1990-1991 Peter Matos
1991-1992 Joseph J. Norfleet
1992-1993 James E. Huckabey
1993-1995 Leslie E. Brooks

Union Avenue Detention Center
(New Haven)

Year Warden
1984-1985 Thomas L. Warren
1985-1993 Roger W. Everson

Western Substance Abuse Treatment Unit

Year Warden
1989-1992 Richard A. Kociszewski
1992-1994 David J. May
1994-1995 L. Gurukaur Khalsa

Consolidated Facilities

Corrigan Correctional Institution

Year Warden
1994-1995 Lynda N. Rowan
1995-1996 David Marcial
1996-1997 Mary M. Marcial
1997-1999 David N. Strange
1999-2001 Theresa C. Lantz

Cybulski Correctional Inistitution

Year Warden
1993-1997 Sandra W. Sawicki

MacDougall Correctional Institution

Year Warden
1993-1995 Michael B. Bonzagni
1995-1996 Hector L. Rodriguez
1996-2001 Mark W. Strange

Maloney Correctional Institution

Year Warden
1992-1995 Christopher T. Pelkey
1995-1996 L. Gurukaur Khalsa

Niantic Correctional Institution

Year Warden
1918-1919 Dr. Elizabeth E. Enz
1919-1920 Wilhelmina Kay
1920-1923 Anna M. Peterson
1923-1926 Helen H. Hazard
1926-1946 Elizabeth Munger
1946-1953 Elsie A. Shearer
1953-1960 Elizabeth B. Mackenzie
1960-1975 Janet S. York
1975-1978 Elizabeth Durland
1978-1992 Marie S. Cerino
1992-1995 Carol A. Dunn
1995-1996 Edward J. Davies

Radgowski Correctional Institution

Year Warden
1991-1992 D. James Barton
1992-1993 David Marcial
1994-1995 Bruce C. Grotta
1995-1996 Joseph P. Novak
1996-1997 George K. Wezner
1997-1999 Peter J. Murphy
1999-2001 L. Gurukaur Khalsa

Walker Reception and Special Management Unit

Year Warden
1992-1993 Joseph A. Cambria
1993-1995 Hector L. Rodriguez
1995-1996 Mary M. Marcial
1996-1999 Mary M. Wolff
1999-2000 Michael J. Donahue
2000-2001 George K. Wezner

Willard Correctional Institution

Year Warden
1990-1992 Robert J. Kupec
1992-1993 Lynda N. Rowan
1993-1994 Steven A. Tozier
1994-1995 Sherese B. Johnson
Mary H Buell
1996-1997 David N. Strange