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Mail stampping machine
Mail sorting
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Catalog/Item #: 430001

  • State of the art equipment allows low handling charges and best possible U.S. postal rates on all customer jobs.
  • Correct address errors and automatically assign Zip+4.
  • Carrier route, and delivery point barcode.
  • Reduce postage expense through the use of Zip+4 and bar coding.
  • Eliminate the cost of mailing labels by printing directly on the mail piece.
  • Eliminate the labor costs involved in affixing the labels on the envelope.
  • Eliminate undeliverable mail due to improper addressing.
  • Produce the necessary documentation for the Post Office, for First Class and Standard Class automation compatible Presorted mail.
  • Services include: Folding; Inserting; Tabbing; Addressing/ Address and Correction; Presorting; Bar coding; Mailing.