Mortgage Correspondent Lenders
Licensed in Connecticut

A mortgage correspondent lender means a person engaged in the business of making residential mortgage loans in such person's own name where the loans are not held by such person for more than ninety days and are funded by another person through a warehouse agreement, table funding agreement or similar agreement.

Questions concerning mortgage correspondent lenders may be directed via email to Richard Cortes at the Consumer Credit Division.

To verify that a mortgage correspondent lender is licensed to do business in Connecticut, please use the NMLS Consumer Access link below.

NMLS Consumer Access is a fully searchable website that allows the public to view information concerning state-licensed mortgage correspondent lenders.

NMLS Consumer Access Button

The following list includes licensed mortgage correspondent lenders by their company name, license number, license name, main office street address, town, state and zip code, Please click on the link below to download the file.

Downloadable Mortgage Correspondent Lenders Licensee List as of May 1, 2024

**Windows users tip: once file is downloaded simultaneously select the "control" and "F" keys to find a particular name.