Debt Adjusters Licensed in Connecticut

“Debt adjustment” means, for or with the expectation of a fee, commission or other valuable consideration, receiving, as agent of a debtor, money or evidences thereof for the purpose of distributing such money or evidences thereof among creditors in full or partial payment of obligations of the debtor.

Note: “debtor” is further defined at Section 36a-655 of the C.G.S.

Connecticut has two types of licenses for debt adjusters: one for persons who are engaged in the business of debt adjustment as a “bona fide nonprofit organization” and one for persons who are engaged in the business of debt adjustment for profit.

Questions concerning debt adjusters may be directed via email to Anne Cappelli at the Consumer Credit Division.

To verify that a debt adjuster is licensed to do business in Connecticut, please use the NMLS Consumer Access link below.

NMLS Consumer Access is a fully searchable website that allows the public to view information concerning state-licensed debt adjusters.

NMLS Consumer Access Button

Debt adjusters licensed to do business in Connecticut are listed alphabetically below by entity name.  All listings include:  entity name, license number, license name and address.  Please click on the link below to download the file.

Downloadable Debt Adjuster Licensee List as of June 4, 2024

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