How to Submit a Claim Against the Following Bonds
To submit a claim against the money transmission bond of Global Money Remittance, Inc. or InterTransfers, Inc. d/b/a InterTransfers concerning the failure by either entity to transmit money in this state:
  1. Send an e-mail to to notify Capitol Insurance Company, the surety, of your claim.
  2. Immediately thereafter, you will receive an acknowledgement, followed by a claim form from Capitol Insurance Company.
  3. Complete the claim form and have your signature notarized.  You will need to include your contact information, name and address of the intended recipient, contact information for the local agent that accepted payment, amount of money transmitted, along with a copy of the transmission receipt from the local agent that accepted your payment.
  4. The completed form and required documentation should be sent back to Capitol Insurance Company, in accordance with the instructions provided with the claim form. 
  5. Please allow 4-6 weeks for the review of your claim and a determination of reimbursement eligibility by Capitol Insurance Company.
Please contact Anne Cappelli at 860-240-8206 with any questions or concerns.