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CT DoAg Encourages Consumers to Sign Up for Farm Shares during National CSA Week, February 19-25

HARTFORD, Conn. — The Connecticut Department of Agriculture (CT DoAg) is encouraging consumers to sign up for a farm share during National CSA Week, which will run from February 19-25, 2024. This annual celebration of Community Supported Agriculture is a time to recognize the value of buying direct from local producers and enhance the connection between consumer and farmer.


“Purchasing a CSA share is an investment in your local farm community and your own health, while exploring new foods and culinary skills,” said Agriculture Commissioner Bryan P. Hurlburt. “The best part of CSAs is the direct interaction with your farmer, forging a deeper connection to how their CT Grown product is grown or raised, while enjoying it on your plate, cup, grill, or home.”


Typically, a CSA involves an upfront payment in exchange for a share of a farm’s upcoming harvest. CSA members pick up their allotment during the harvest season at a scheduled time and location. Purchasing a CSA share now helps farmers plan for their growing season, while also helping them cover expenses incurred prior to harvest such as seed and feed purchases, labor costs, and equipment maintenance.


Types of CSAs

There are nearly as many CSA models as there are farms offering them. Traditionally, CSAs provided fruits and vegetables available in season. Now you can also find CSAs offering cut flowers, meat, and dairy products. Some farms will partner with neighboring farmers to offer farm products they don’t grow or produce themselves. This might include items such as honey, maple syrup, or other value-added products such as jams, jellies, and sauces. To find a CSA near you, visit and click ‘Find a CSA’ on the map.


Selecting a CSA

The good news is that CSAs aren’t one-size fits all. Shares come in various sizes allowing you to select the option that best suits the number of people who will be utilizing it. Full shares are often sufficient for a family of four, while a half share is good for a couple. Some farms offer additional customizations, including the option to defer a week if you are out of town.


Ask about pick up options. Most have a set day and timeframe for weekly pickups; however, some farms also offer the option to pick them up at a farmers’ market.


Look at what types of products are typically grown or included in a share. Each farm offers different CT Grown products, so you may want to inquire at a few nearby locations before determining which one is best for you. Remember that what’s available for harvest is sometimes out of the farmer’s control. Weather and pest pressures can limit availability despite a farmer’s best efforts.


Be ready to try something new. It’s likely that at some point, your weekly share will have something that you don’t regularly eat or cook. Your farm may include a recipe showing how to prepare those beets, flank steak, or bok choy. If not, ask for suggestions – they will likely be thrilled to share their favorite ways to enjoy it.


To learn more about CT Grown CSAs, click here.

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