Licenses and Permits
Agency Licenses, Registrations and Permits - The agency oversees the issuance of permits related to dairy, livestock, poultry, domestic pet-related operations, agricultural commodities, and seafood. 
Aquaculture Licenses - Link to the Bureau of Aquaculture's Applications, Forms, and Licenses page.

Animal Control Officer Certification

Processes and Procedures for Licensing and Registration

Procedure to Become Licensed as a Producer of Milk for Pasteurization and/or Retail Raw Milk (.pdf) updated August 2017

o  Poultry Slaughter Flow Chart 

Connecticut Department of Agriculture Voluntary Small Shell Egg Processing Plant Inspection Program

              o  Shell Egg Flow Chart

The Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection has a number of permits that farmers may need to consider:

Deer Crop Damage Permit

Canada Goose Agricultural Damage Permit

- Link to State of CT's E-license website