Resilient Food Systems Infrastructure Program


Eligible Applicants: Entities eligible to apply for RFSIP will be:  
  • Agricultural producers or processors, or groups of agricultural producers and processors conducting middle of the supply chain activities;
  • Nonprofit organizations operating middle-of-the-supply-chain activities;
  • For-profit entities operating middle-of-the-supply-chain activities whose activities are primarily focused for the benefit of local and regional producers and that meet the eligibility requirements of the SBA small business size standards;
  • Local government entities operating middle-of-the-supply-chain activities;
  • Tribal governments operating middle-of-the-supply-chain activities;
  • Institutions such as schools, universities, or hospitals bringing producers together to establish cooperative or shared infrastructure or invest in equipment that will benefit multiple producers through middle-of-the-supply-chain activities.
This is the first of two grant programs that will be offered through the Resilient Food System Infrastructure Grant Program:

Round One: Infrastructure Grant Program – February 7, 2024 – April 10, 2024
  • Awards from $100,000 to $250,000
  • Match Requirement: 50%, or 25% for qualifying applicants
  • Projects must benefit more than one producer or organization.

Round Two: Equipment Grant Program – February 2025 – April 2025
  • Max Award: $100,000
  • Match Requirement: There is no required match.
  • Projects can benefit single producer or organization only.