Resilient Food Systems Infrastructure Program


Guide to a Complete Application

1. Cognito Project Information Page and the following as attachments on Cognito
2. Infrastructure Grant Proposal Template - Required
3. Match Verification Letter(s)- Required
4. Up to three (3) Letter of Support- Optional 
5. Critical Resource Infrastructure Letter (Required if applicable)
6. Collaborating Organization Letter(s) (Required if applicable)

Grant Guidance Documents

RFSI Guidance Document
PDF Download and Open Adobe Reader Instructions
Infrastructure Grant Proposal Template

Matching Funds

Matching funds guidelines:

  1. The match is based on the total project costs and not on the amount of federal funds requested.
  2. The match calculator on the excel worksheet below takes into account the 25% or 50% match requirement. Use the dropdown to toggle between both options.
  3. The match funds required line will tell you if additional match is needed to ensure you are meeting the minimum match requirement.
  4. Please ensure that you are verifying that you source of match is eligible.

Other Forms