Bureau of Agricultural Development and Resource Conservation
The Bureau of Agricultural Development & Resource Conservation consists of three subdivisions:  the Agricultural Development unit, the Resource (or Farmland) Preservation Unit, and Climate Smart.  The bureau directs programs and activities that assist persons in entering, diversifying and expanding their agricultural businesses; compiles statistics regarding all aspects of agriculture in the state; administers the Farmland Preservation Program and the Farmers' Market Nutrition program.
Jaime L. Smith, Bureau Director, 860-713-2533

Lindsay Booth, Administrative Assistant, 860-713-2533Lindsay.Booth@ct.gov
Glenda Ramirez, Secretary I, 860-713-2592, Glenda.Ramirez@ct.gov

Agricultural Development Unit:  860-713-2503 
Erin Windham, Marketing and Inspection Representative II, 860-713-2543, Erin.Windham@ct.gov
Cyrena Thibodeau, Marketing and Inspection Representative I,860-895-3094, Cyrena.Thibodeau@ct.gov
Ally Hughes, Marketing and Inspection Representative I, 860-713-5827, Allison.Hughes@ct.gov 
AliRose Grabarz, Marketing and Inspection Representative I, (860) 713-5737, Alison.Grabarz@ct.gov 
Hannah Carty, Marketing and Inspection Representative I, Hannah.Carty@ct.gov
Michael Wolf, Marketing and Inspection Representative I, Michael.Wolf@ct.gov
Farmland Preservation Unit:  860-713-2511
Cam Weimar, Farmland Preservation Supervisor, 860-713-2552, cam.weimar@ct.gov
Holly Lalime, Environmental Analyst, 860-713-5936  holly.lalime@ct.gov
Denise O’Meara, Property Agent, 860-713-2517, denise.o’meara@ct.gov
Lance Shannon, Property Agent, 860-713-2531, lance.shannon@ct.gov
Simon Levesque, Property Agent, 860-424-1195, Simon.Levesque@ct.gov

Climate Smart Unit
Eileen Underwood, Environmental Analyst II, 860-819-0580, Eileen.Underwood@ct.gov

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