River Valley Services

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How to Obtain Services

Referrals and requests for services at RVS are screened first for the presence of any emergencies, and for other information such as what services are needed, insurance, entitlements, or entitlement eligibility, and past treatment history. Those who need emergency services are referred immediately to the crisis service. Individuals who have, or appear to have, a prolonged severe mental illness or significant mental health service needs who cannot access services elsewhere are seen for an Intake assessment. Intake appointments are usually conducted during normal business hours; emergency crisis services are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week by calling 860-344-2100. An intake assessment interview is offered as soon as possible following referral.  To request an intake, call 860 262-5223.

Individuals seeking services from RVS services are screened for insurance, entitlements, or entitlement eligibility. Individuals who have private insurance are referred to community agencies who accept such insurance or to their insurance company for network providers.

RVS staff may advocate for individuals with insurance companies to obtain needed care. Requests for services for individuals with severe, prolonged mental illness whose service needs cannot be adequately addressed by their private insurance provider are considered. RVS staff is knowledgeable of eligibility requirements and the application process for state and federal entitlement programs and may assist clients in completing applications to access entitlements.

For further information,
call 860 262-5200.