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Regulation Guidance for Municipal Inland Wetlands Agencies

DEEP.Municipal.Inland.Wetland.Regs@ct.gov is the dedicated email address for the submission of municipal inland wetlands agency regulation amendment proposals and final adopted regulations.

The subject line of the email must include:

  1. The year;
  2. Town/City name; and,
  3. Proposed/adopted regulations.

(e.g., Subject: 2020, Town of _____, Proposed Regulation Title/s).

Please attach your documents (e.g., regulations, hearing notice, and cover letter) in PDF format. A brief reply email acknowledging receipt of your adopted regulations or amendments will be sent.
Note - this email address is solely for the submission of regulations. Other correspondence or requests submitted through this email address will not be answered.
If you are unable to submit your regulations electronically, you may continue to mail a paper copy to:

Brian Thompson, Director
DEEP Land & Water Resources Division
79 Elm Street
Hartford, CT 06106-5127

Regulation Amendment Process

The following information has been prepared to assist you in the regulation amendment process. Please consult with your town attorney to ensure that your proposed amendments accomplish your objectives and conform to IWWA.

Case Law

The following information was presented during DEEP's Municipal Inland Wetlands Agency Continuing Education Workshops:

2017 - Present, No Court Case Outline
2016 Court Case Synopsis Outline
2015 Court Case Synopsis Outline
2014 Court Case Synopsis Outline
2013 Court Case Synopsis Outline
2012 Court Case Synopsis Outline
2011 Court Case Synopsis Outline
2010 Court Case Synopsis Outline
2009 Court Case Synopsis Outline
2008 Court Case Synopsis Outline

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